Monday, June 20, 2005

Reality TV

As an offshoot of the TV Review thread, I wanted to say that I bloody love reality TV! At the moment of course, I am concentrating upon Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island. One takes 12 z-listers to a desert island and waits for them to shag; another takes a potential group of z-listers and puts them in a house... and waits for them to shag!! All thoroughly dismal and a sad indictment of our shallow and vapid society - but cracking entertainment nonetheless!

Just glad that The Tatmuss has been voted out of CLI. The woman who became famous through fucking an (alleged) rapist is now whining about her privacy being violated etc.. etc.. Hmm, well then why don't you just disappear ya tub o' lard? Of course, The Danan has been top entertainment and I am amazed that he and La Tatmuss did not 'get it on' him being a psychotic sex pest n' all. The true star of the show though is Kelly Brook. A beautiful, stunning woman, who is so talentless, vapid and wooden, she makes the cast of Hollyoaks look like a Stanislavski advanced class. Next to her, the interminably smug and charmless Patrick Kielty looks like Seinfeld.

Now to BB - a bit more muted than the previous series - until a fight/fire/murder breaks out of course. As a group, they are pretty awful. On Friday we saw the eviction of super soarway stunna Sam - a woman so lacking in personality she makes Kelly Brook like Joan Rivers (d'ya see a theme emerging here)!! Of course, everybody who 'loathed' Sam (hate is too strong a word for people off the telly) are all just jealous fat mingers ;-) Speaking of which, I thought Lesleh was crackingly funny in a cheap northern car-crash kinda way. The women who are left: Makosi, Vanessa and Saskia are OK, Vanessa is pointless, Saskia's jugs have been in The People and Makosi is an attention seeking spoilt Madam - she will no doubt win!

Maxwell is a mockney twerp 'off the hook' but I don't despise him - he just seems despertaley immature, as does his partner in Crime Anthhhony (has he reached puberty yet)?

Endemol have now sent in 3 more 'moles' into their secret garden - a decor so unsubtle it makes Kat Slater's make up look understated. There's a fat bird, a thin bird and a complete raging queen...


Blogger flotsky said...

I think you may want to edit that to disproved rapist. You also need to listen to an episode of "That Mitchell and Webb Sound", a great Radio 4 show by the actors from Peep Show.

There was one sketch in that where they commented on John Leslie thus:
"The problem with John's career was that the rape charge caused people to evaluate him as a whole, and it seems the general public decided, rapist or not (and he is proven as not), they didn't like him anyways"

11:49 am  
Blogger The Prumeister said...

No need to change the word - alleged is fine - an allegation of rape was made against him but he was proven innocent.

LOL @ the comment from Mitchell and Webb show!

3:38 pm  

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