Monday, June 20, 2005

Hated celebrities

..Of course, amongst the book reviews, this blog has got to be dedicated to celebrities or schhhaaaalllaaabbrrrriities as Avid Merrion refers to them. I don't actively 'hate' any celebrities but I loathe some of them with a passion.......

Kate Moss - minger

Victoria Beckham - talentless minger.

Calum Best - the personality of a crumb

Fiona Phillips - an abomination of humanity

Eammon Holmes - see above

Kerry Katona/McFadden - big titted cokehead who made a crust out of the breakup from her crummy husband

'Elizabeth' Hurley - fatuous, imbecilic, bikini wearing moron

Carol Vorderman - hideous, repulsive queen of detox

Any contestant from BB, CLI, I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here, Driving School, Fame Academy

Thanks to all for your comments - keep 'em coming! Special thanks to Wonderduck for mentioning Formula 1 peeps whom I have never heard of - makes me feel cultured and if I can learn something about Formula 1 then I can argue (even more) with Mr H about motor racing!

Have realised I also have a deep seated loathing for:

Jodie Marsh - a car crash excuse of a woman
All the cast of EastEnders - purely for being in this sorry excuse of a programme.

I will write more later - need to update my book review section - it's just too bloody hot to do ANYTHING at the moment....... Roll on winter!


Blogger flotsky said...

I think you missed Darren Day. He surely should be in any list of most pointless people.

11:53 am  
Blogger The Prumeister said...

He was too pointless to deserve a mention. After all, there are degrees of pointlessness ;-)

1:47 pm  
Anonymous Mr anon said...

Ok then,

Paris Hilton - hideous skank

Britney Spears - See Paris Hilton

Jessica Simpson - Braindead Hideous Skank

Hillary Duff - Even more braindead hideous skank

I could think of more but I'm tired.

12:40 am  
Blogger Wonderduck said...

Michael Jackson - Do you need a reason?

Tom Cruise - Because my thetas are cleaner.

Michael Moore - for being a hypocritical lying liar what lies.

Rush Limbaugh - see "Michael Moore." (though I will say that, from the professional radio perspective, he makes for 'good radio.')

Ralph Waldo Emerson*, too.

*Emerson shows up just because I felt like throwing his name on a list. I actually don't feel strongly about him one way or another, other than noting that his name is fun to say. "Ralph. Waldo. Emerson." It flows very nicely.

8:47 am  

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